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[pre2]Blocking the referee after the game Mourinho cursed: get out!Talk to Atletico Madrid celebrates

更多 发布于:2013-05-18 23:30
In the King's Cup final, Mourinho was sent off for protesting the referee Clos - Gomes. After
 the match, Mourinho angry, Marca TV, "said Mourinho after the game
deliberately waiting in the Magistrates' locker room before the game the
 referee Gomes, see 13:00 referee" Come, Portugal ton
 of bricks quipped: "Get your eggs go, talk to them (Atletico Madrid) to
 celebrate win!" Mourinho's words made Gomez very awkward, which does
not rule out the This video - Mourinho anger! The
 sidelines howling referee expelled leave the media Source: Sina Sports,
 then write referee reports, Mourinho will face harsher penalties.
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This is not Mourinho first containment referee after the game. King's
 Cup last season, Real Madrid, Barcelona eliminated after the game
Mourinho did not immediately leave the stadium, but waiting for the
referee to within the channels of the underground car park in the Nou
Camp, and scold them. See
 the referee Teixeira appears, shouted: "You're acting, you want to fool
 Who!" Mourinho Mourinho conference after the game, said: "In the Camp
Nou, is
 impossible for us to win and I'm not suggesting penalty with Chelsea,
Inter Milan, Real Madrid to Camp Nou, but nothing changes, I will not
congratulate Barcelona, because they have almost no performance . "
Nike Free
Run 2

 loss to Atletico Madrid, Mourinho after the game did not attend the
awards ceremony, it is clear that the King's Cup silver medal for him is
 a piece of scrap metal. After
 the match Spain commentator of "Le Monde" Ruiz said, the referee this
time against Real Madrid and Mourinho does have some injustice. Atletico such strength was significantly worse than Real Madrid team to beat Real Madrid, the job must be staged perfect storm.
Nike Free

 Madrid the one hand, the lack of luck, hitting the woodwork three
times, several waste scoring opportunities, player performance is poor,
the C Luo aldridge state are far from satisfactory. On the other hand, Atletico Madrid must show perfect. And, more importantly, also be provided by a "rogue referee to law enforcement. Gomes referee group so that Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid anger, despair, his law enforcement a bit biased Atletico Madrid. Referee Committee ultimately revenge love to pick things Mourinho will be sent to hell. The everyone hopes Real Madrid lost the game, so good to complete revenge for Mourinho. Portuguese paid the price for their aggressive, even with Real Madrid also pay a huge price.Nike Free
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